Solid Patterns

Scholten & Baijings have created five unique marble tables for Italian marble producer Luce di Carrara. Each organic form is designed in one of the Italian marbles from the Tuscany region. The collection is inspired by the uniqueness of marble quarried from the depths of the Apuan Alps. Designing was all about expressing the various characteristics of the marble in a single form, merging mass, colour, unique line patterns and circular shapes. Adding grid patterns to the designs has created a contemporary look that enhances the contrast between the graphics and the crystalline marble patterns.
The marble comes from Lucce di Carrara’s own marble quarries. The marble quarries originated in Roman times, making them the oldest still operational industrial sites in the world. Marble from this area was used, for instance, by Michelangelo for his David and his Pietà.
The rock is now processed with the most advanced machines: three-dimensional band saws, five-axis CNC-controlled milling machines, water-jet cutting machines and a 4-m-high robot for spatial interventions make any desired modelling of the marble possible.

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Scheltens & Abbenes