L’univers coloré de Scholten & Baijings

Scholten & Baijings have been invited to create new work in collaboration with the artisans of the Manufacture de Sèvres. The work includes colourful compositions on porcelain tondi and new forms of porcelain vases.

Tondi (small circular paintings) are inspired by round, age-old plates with vividly coloured borders. Scholten & Baijings’ tondi are abstract translations of landscapes. Displayed on the wall, they offer colourful vistas and panoramic views. Colour studies made by glaze experts during their stay at the porcelain factory also served as their inspiration. The colour variations on the different porcelain designs and the resulting colours in either a matt or lustrous glaze are both stunning and vast, from which many striking choices have been made.

The new shapes of the vases are reminiscent of vases produced in Sèvres centuries ago in the characteristically bright colours.

The result of this fruitful collaboration is a perfect symbiosis of shape and colour. A chromatic world all their own, perfectly recognizable, with diluted pastels of an almost fluorescent intensity complemented by the excellence and expertise of Sèvres, where shapes and colours are tailor-made for our guest artists. For their project, Scholten & Baijings reinterpreted various forms of vases from the Manufacture’s repertoire, and became fascinated by the palettes of enamels on offer. The two series of porcelain vases and the series of porcelain tondi thus created present new astonishing colours, with superposed and juxtaposed enamels producing a jubilatory effect.