Glass Gradients

At NeoCon 2016, Skyline Design has presented Glass Gradients, a family of etched and printed patterns for glass application created by Scholten & Baijings. Playing with two basic geometric forms, a dot and a square, Scholten & Baijings evolves patterning by combining elements of transparency, variable gradients, and colour transitions. The resulting custom landscapes can be restrained or exuberant, matching or distinctive. The collection marks the first collaboration between Skyline Design and Scholten & Baijings.

Glass Gradients add dimensionality to a space by establishing a dialogue between the simplicity of the patterns with the designers’ signature colour palette and levels of transparency to create unique optical effects. This is made possible by skyline design’s innovative glass techniques and its excellent ability to match colours. By repeating dot and square, which can be applied both horizontally and vertically, the density and scale may be customized to create greater levels of privacy. This interplay of transparency, layers of pattern, and colour complements broad interior applications.

Scholten & Baijings’ work is at once sophisticated but also unpretentious and approachable. Exquisite decoration is brought to the fore with patterns that are refined and well balanced. Architecture in which a layered richness has been created through the use of subtle colour fields is the ultimate articulation of how glass panels can be integrated into, and transforms, the quality of interior spaces. Glass Gradients encourage play and personalization within a given set of variables: pattern, gradient, colour, and placement. With an immaculate attention to detail, Scholten & Baijings have developed a balanced yet customizable design that conveys a sense of surprise and movement — concealing or revealing a spatial context.

Glass Gradients may be executed in a variety of techniques, in opaque, translucent, and transparent options, allowing for different degrees of translucency and privacy while accommodating a broad pricing spectrum. Both patterns are available in panel sizes up to 60”x120” and in all standard glass thicknesses.

Gradient Dot
Gradient Square

Colours can be mixed and matched
7 foundational
7 ancillary

Image Credits

John Boehm, Inga Powilleit