The concept Scholten & Baijings developed for Samsung uses colours and geometric shapes to create compositions. The starting point for the collection is the colour blocking theme, as applied in avant-garde paintings and the fashion industry. The blocks are usually assembled to produce stark contrasts, the main concern being the compositions of colours. The resulting artworks ‘Bright Extraordinary’, ‘Colourful’ and ‘Warm Extraordinary’ fit perfectly within the canvas of the FRAME TV and are presented on the specially designed edition of the bezel and stand. 

‘Bright Extraordinary’ is a combination of bright fields of colour, on which line and grid patterns have been superimposed. This creates an layered look and makes the colour composition deep and intense.

The ‘Colourful’ artwork comprises a composition with fields of colour, in which contrasts play an important role. We wanted to cast a new light on the colour blocking theme by applying greater layering to the blocks of colour; as if they were not simply placed right next to each other, but partly superimposed. Sometimes the colours seem to float above or overlap each other. In other places they almost imperceptibly blend into one another, as if painted onto a canvas by a painter.

The ‘Warm Extraordinary’ artwork features a rich combination of line patterns and colour fields that create a layered and refined colour composition. The density of the grid determines how one experiences colour and gives the colour an airy appearance.

Scholten & Baijings used materials and techniques such as Asian lacquerware and glazed porcelain as starting points for the bezel and stand design.