For the Elements series, Scholten & Baijings’ created an extensive range of cuts and built these up on individual glasses and across the range of glass types. Scholten & Baijings have used their approach to develop a palette of ‘cuts’ to be applied to crystal. The beauty of the elements series is that not only is each glass a desirable object in its own right, together the designs create something very different. Scholten & Baijings have acted as a conductor in an orchestra, building up layers of pattern as though they were sound, resulting in a visual symphony.
Each glass in the elements series has a different design, meaning the customer can create collections of glasses that are matching or un-matching, restrained or exuberant. The glass sizes are not prescriptive and suit a multitude of uses, from whiskey to wine to water. An elegant jug and decanter completes the series.

Commenting on the elements series Stefan Scholten says: “A rich assemblage of graphic markings and opaque tones is what defines this collection of lead crystal glassware. Cuts and textures of varying depth and intensity are employed across glasses to create a landscape of layered pattern that is fresh and seductive.” Carole Baijings adds: “We wanted to create a whole new take on the typical Irish cut crystal.”
Scholten & Baijings’ forms are at once elegant and attractive but also humble and approachable. Exquisite decoration is brought to the fore with objects that are refined and well balanced. A low tumbler paired with a gorgeous carafe is the ultimate articulation of how contemporary crystal can be integrated into everyday use.

Elements is part of the J. HILL’s Standard house collection, which is in constant production and therefore will always be available to the consumer.