Colour Glass

Colour Glass is a range of minimalist design glassware available in Scholten & Baijings’ signature colours. The collection’s designs evolved from a special folding technique. The ‘atelier-way-of -working’ is quite unique. New shapes and forms are created by first making paper models. Scholten & Baijings call this ‘active thinking’. Within the design process, they combine this method with colour, material, texture and tactility.

The first models are made by hand in thin, transparent plastic and taped to each other. These tape seams are translated on the wine glasses into black and gold lines. Colour compositions are created on the glassware by means of circles and planes: gold dots on the bottom of the water glass and carafe, and a bright pink rectangle on the red wine glass, the latter referring to the colour of the red wine. The specific finishes add visual detail to the glassware and bring colour to the table. The gold dots seem to drift in the water and the lines merge with the liquid. The yellow and blue colour gradients appear to be floating above the table, giving it an extra dimension.