Bright Collection

Bright Grid, Bright Angle, and Bright Cube are second in a series of products designed by Scholten & Baijings in collaboration with Maharam. Drawing upon Scholten & Baijings’ distinct visual language, the three Bright textiles epitomize the designers’ keen sense of colour and singular approach to refined geometric patterning.

As with Blocks and Grid (2014), the essence of the Bright grouping lies in the inherent possibilities for combination and variation. With a unified palette of five colours apiece, the three textiles are designed to be used in tandem and to form new geometric relationships when combined. The patterns progress from a basic grid to a more complex formation: Bright Grid offers rigorous simplicity, Bright Angle cascades in an endless rhythm of obliquely bisected rectangles, and Bright Cube achieves layered depth through optical perspective. Rendered in a fluorescent spectrum of specially dyed nylon yarns developed with the Maharam Design Studio’s oversight, the patterns effectively map the three-dimensional forms to which they’re applied. The subtle textural contrast of lustrous nylon yarns against a matte cotton ground further enhances the sharp geometry and clear colour story.